Hello Francois,

V6 is still in beta state, that's why I prefer the best solution
regardless whether it breaks existing application code or not, as
long as such 'breaking' changes are well documented. 

Just my two cents.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

Francois PIETTE wrote:
> I'm working on V6 code to make it .NET compatible. Actually I'm
> working on the HTTP client component. In that component, there is not
> much to change to make it compatible with .NET. But there is one
> annoying change: OnDocData event has a pointer argument and this is
> defenitely not compatible with .NET. The pointer is actually pointing
> somewhere into FReceiveBuffer. 
> I'm not sure how to change the component and the OnDocData to make it
> compatible with .NET without breaking existing code. Of course I could
> change the event signature for .NET only. So there would be no
> problem in win32 and no problem in .NET. But the same application
> code could not be ported from one platform to the other.
> Another possibility is to completly change the OnDocData event
> signature so that it is compatible with both win32 and .NET. This of
> course would break all existing code.
> A third possibility is to preserve OnDocData as it is for win32,
> suppress it for .NET and create a new event for both platforms. Old
> code would continue to work and yet new code could be written to be
> the same for both win32 and .NET. Conditional compilation could be
> introduced to remove the current OnDocData to help make sure new code
> use only the new event. 
> I think about a new event of type TNotifyEvent (that is no argument
> except sender). Actual document data could be retrieved either from
> component runtime properties or copied using a new method (a kind of
> Receive). 
> Internally, the current implementation use a fixed array of char as
> receive buffer (FReceiverBuffer). I think about changing it to a
> dynamic array of bytes which is the best data type for .NET when you
> need to receive any datatype. You can then transfer data to any
> variable of any data type. And this code is also quite good in win32.
> Any opinion ?
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