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> From: Arno Garrels 
> V6 is still in beta state, that's why I prefer the best 
> solution regardless whether it breaks existing application 
> code or not, as long as such 'breaking' changes are well documented. 
> Just my two cents.

At least it'll be well documented, unlike much of the Indy changes the
last year or so, especially the changes from V9.x.x to V10.x.x  I
sweated blood to fix some of my code, only to have it break again as a
result of an update to the component/tool library.

Sadly I made the mistake of buying the "In Depth book".  It's not very
deep, if you get my drift.

As to the support, email lists are much preferred here, as they just
work, so you don't have to go downloading the latest "news" etc, or
crawling a web-forum.  Plus, for all the other stuff that comes along, I
quite often learn something that'll be useful to me later, or provokes
me to go and change something I've done in the past, that in turn shows
up and allows me to fix a problem I didn't know I had!  Not only that,
everyone here is just so polite!

This ICS list, is also a lot more useful and enlightening in general,
than any of the (fragmented) Indy lists.

My personal sixpence worth.  Keep up the good work one and all...

Still "playing" with ICS, not done anything wonderful with it yet...
One day, just using it as a learning tool these days.

As to .NET being "inefficient" at building strings...  Hmmmmm...  Wonder
where all the "bright young things" learn their trade these days.  Sadly
all too common in many walks of life, especially in engineering.  Tried
proven and trusted techniques, are just forgotten as they are not taught
any more because they are "old".  So the new flock re-invent the wheel
again, just that they don't quite get it round or balanced this time,
plus it's not fully tested before letting the users loose with it.
Someone then comes up with the obvious fix, and they praise it as a
wonderful "advance" in technology....

I'll go hide in my hole again....  Got a call to make anyway...



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