>>> (1) Not reply to the client until after 10 seconds (using a TTimer?). 
>>> You
>>> don't have to sleep.  I'm sure the HTTP server has some kind of delayed
>>> reply mechanism.
>> Yes, you can reply later. Use hgSendMySelf
> Does it work like this?
> In my OnGetDocument I set Flags to hgWillSendMySelf and then use the
> client component's send method do send() the data, then use it's
> Shutdown() method to gracefully close the connection and let the other
> side know I've finished sending? Or is there something more to this,
> like taking into account Keep Alive connections?

Do not close the connection. Just send the answer, preferably using 
AnswerXYZ method. But anything else is OK provided you understand how to do 
it properly. Have a look at AnswerPage, AnswerStream or AnswerString if you 
want to write your own reply send function (I don't see any reason to write 
your own).

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