Thanks for your response.
In the example ThrdSrvV2, it is necesary the Synchronization. Why? If every 
client has a separate work? 
In my application, the server sends data to all clients. How can i do this?
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> 09:38:21 -0400> Subject: Re: [twsocket] TWSocketThrdServer> > ---- QUOTE: 
> Anne> What difference is between to use TWSocketThrdServer> and use 
> TWSocketServer with ClientThread? Which is> better for me?> ---- END.> > 
> TWSocketThrdServer spawns a new thread for each> incoming client (or a new 
> thread after the maximum> amount of clients per threads has been reached). > 
> TWSocketServer handles all clients within the same> thread in an 
> asynchroneous, event-driven way.> > Both handle multiple clients at the same 
> time, the> difference is the thread model. If you use the> multi-threaded 
> version, keep in mind that development> and debugging is substantially more 
> complex because> of thread-safety and synchronization issues. Also,> keep in 
> mind that spawning new threads is a> resource-expensive process. Because of 
> this, it is> always recommended that you use the single-threaded> approach 
> unless you *absolutely need* to use multiple> threads. As I have discovered 
> recently on this list> while discussing this topic, if you are not sure that> 
> you *absolutely need* to use multiple threads, then> chances are you don't.> 
> > TWSocketServer is able to handle many hundreds of> concurrent clients in an 
> efficient way, and its> optimized for high-performance. However, if your> 
> clients have to do very intense or long processing> with the data, this may 
> prevent the other clients> from processing data, so you may need to look 
> into> the multi-threaded approach.> > -dZ.> > > -- > To unsubscribe or change 
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