Fastream Technologies wrote:
>> Anyway this server is violating RFC2616 !!!
>> 9.4 HEAD
>>   The HEAD method is identical to GET except that the server MUST NOT
>>   return a message-body in the response.
>> Note the "MUST NOT"!!
> But the server is Apache and as I wrote before we need to TOLERATE it
> just like we do for IE bugs.

It is already tolerated, but the server remains buggy!
My first guess was nonsense, dumping the bytes with WireShark shows
clearly that when the subsequent GET doesn't return body data the
component works perfectly since the SERVER sends a chunk size of "0"
octets and no further body data. 
WireShark log: 

>> Also, did you note how they spell Connection?
>> it's "Cneonction: close" :)
> Secondly, this is/should also be tolerated by the component I believe.

I don't think so, how far should that go where does it end? 
Do you realy want to check each header line for possible typos? 

Arno Garrels

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