Hello Angus,

ARMSL> No idea how that worked, maybe the client was using a different port to
ARMSL> reply.  

Absolutely, my other programs never needed to re-use same src port so
I never got the problem.

ARMSL> If you have been making use of the TSocketServer client to save
ARMSL> application data for the reply, you'll need a rethink.  Perhaps a FIFO
ARMSL> queue, I think there's a TList descendent that does that in modern Delphi
ARMSL> versions.  With UDP there's always a risk of lost packets, if your
ARMSL> transmit conflicts with a new received packet, or at least that's my
ARMSL> minimal understanding of UDP. 

UDP  packet  lost happend as they are sent and without any SYN/ACK
dialog between src and dest so UDP is fast but you have to manage
packet acknowledge yourself to not loose data. For my application I
only receive one packet and send one packet back.


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