Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> What you described is more or less what I expected with that kind of
> changes in the compiler. I expected similar problems with the
> introduction of 64 bit.

CG did a rather good job to make conversion of existing applications to
Unicode as easy as possible. Beside the fact that the default string type
now maps to an UTF-16 Unicode string both String and AnsiString are 
assignment compatible, the RTL converts the strings as needed. Though
this is a strong feature it also means that any code that used strings 
as binary buffer, or assumed 1 byte = 1 char did no longer work :(
And ICS assumed that rather frequently ;-) 

On the other side having a Unicode aware VCL and RTL will make it much 
easier to add charset conversion features and other real Unicode support
to ICS. BTW: The SMTP client, compiled with Delphi 2009, can now send 
messages encoded in any Ansi code page including UTF-8 just by setting 
property CharSet to a MIME charset that maps to a Windows code page 
available in the system. From UTF-16 it's easy and unexpensive to 
convert to the charset you like :)

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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