Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
> Scrive Arno Garrels <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>> Maurizio Lotauro wrote:
>>> What you described is more or less what I expected with that kind of
>>> changes in the compiler. I expected similar problems with the
>>> introduction of 64 bit.
>> CG did a rather good job to make conversion of existing applications
>> to Unicode as easy as possible.
> [...]
> Only to clarify :-)
> My was not a critic to CG. This kind of changes certainly will have
> some side effects, but, we say, it is the minor of the harm, or it is
> a necessary harm.

It depends very much on your code.
At least it 'forces' developers to write cleaner code ;-)
And I must admit that I appreciate this educational side effect :)
>> Though
>> this is a strong feature it also means that any code that used
>> strings as binary buffer, or assumed 1 byte = 1 char did no longer
>> work :( 
>> And ICS assumed that rather frequently ;-)
> I think (and fear ;) that it is not the only one.

That is IMO the major one.


> I excepted an arrangement period, for Delphi and third party.
> Bye, Maurizio.
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