Darin McGee wrote:
> I opened the file OverbyteIcsDel70.dpk from the vc32 directory

This package does not include the SSL components.

> I added the vc32 directory to the package project search path.

Add the vc32 directory to the global library path (Tools | Options).

> I added the USE_SSL to the project conditional defines.

Only OverbyteIcsSslDel70.dpk includes the SSL-enabled components. 
> I compiled the package. No errors.
> I installed the package. No errors.
> I closed the package project and opened the project
> OverbyteIcsSslWebServ.dpr
> I added the vc32 directory to the search path, the USE_SSL was already
> defined.
> I compiled the project and in the file OverbyteIcsSslSessionCache.pas
> I received 26 errors the first being Undeclared identifier
> 'TsslBaseComponent'

No surprise.
> Now I did note that the directory structure has changed a bit from all
> previous versions of the ICS components and that is the full path is
> now \ICSV6\trunk\Delphi\blah blah blah.  Trunk was never in the full
> path before however this is the only difference I have found. This of
> course I assume is because I pulled it from SV and did not download
> it as a zip package.

The path doesn't matter as long as the correct vc32 directory is
in the library path. The SVN has its own directory structure.
If you do not want to checkout everything just checkout the
trunk tree which contains the most recent ICSv6.    
> I tried the exact same procedure and used OverbyteIcsSslDel70.dpk -
> same results.

Did you uninstall the OverbyteIcsDel70.bpl before installing the
OverbyteIcsSslDel70.dpk (Component | Install Packages)?
Only one of them can be installed at the same time.

Arno Garrels [TeamICS]

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