Hello Arno,

Thanks. That's good to know. I'll add the check.


> The exception is raised after the library has been loaded dynamically
> at run-time. The library is loaded when the first OpenSSL function is
> called. For instance WSocket.Connect would then raise this exception.
> You probably should check for a valid SSL environment by explicitly 
> initializing the SslContext before the first connect. 

> { Loads OpenSSL DLL's, throws an EIcsLibeayException if version check fails}
> SslContext.InitContext; 

> {Display some library details} 

> uses
>     OverbyteIcsLIBEAY;

> Memo.Lines.Add(OpenSslVersion);
> Memo.Lines.Add(OpenSslCompilerFlags);
> Memo.Lines.Add(OpenSslBuiltOn);
> Memo.Lines.Add(OpenSslPlatForm);

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