>If you build a console mode application, you have to create one yourself. 
>See various console mode ICS d?mos. Simple...
Yes, I created TIcsTimer with HttpCli.CtrlSocket as Owner and implemented 
Start/StopTimer methods. Seems working, although I don't see yet how can I 
control the main function flow from OnTimer procedure (i.e., how to tell 
CtrlSocket that is's timeout).

>This is underway. but designing a general purpose timeout is not so simple 
>because you potentially have thousands of components (server side). You 
>can't create a TTimer for each one or you'll run out Windows resources very 
>quickly (bad scalability).
No problem, you could implement only one timer in the very root of socket (as 
you did with socket's window handle, AFAIR).

>Currently you should implement a timeout yourself. Using a single TTimer and 
>carefully crafted code will do the job
Yeah, and every developer should do the same, so we are inventing the bicycle 
again. Maybe then some general TTimeoutOperationsSeeker? Anyway, at least for 
connection stage timeouts should be implemented, imho.

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