Anton Sviridov wrote:
>> Connect-timeouts are not the only possible ones.
> Yes, I know, but connect ones are the most general and used by
> everyone, because w/o connection there's nothing to do anyway. 
>> If you need different timeout values for different states it has to
>> be implemented using a timer. We need to keep the message pump
>> as fast as possible.
> But what about convenience? And every programmer implements these
> timeouts anyway. Or he hopes on ICS and doesnt do this receiving
> endless connect waiting...  
>> Actually it _is called on StateChange(httpReady).
> Yes, but it is called with ErrCode = 0 and StatusCode = 0. Also I
> have strange things here: 
> log of my program, trying to download, which is
> my script with endless loop to simulate timeout: 


This has been discussed many times before. The sync methods are not
finished until they return, OnRequestDone actually fires before the 
sync method returns!
So either use async methods or post a custom message from OnRequestDone
handler and call the next method from the custom message handler.

Arno Garrels

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