Arno Garrels wrote
>TWSocketCounter has been added to TWSocket in V7 with properties 
>ConnectTick, ConnectDT, LastAliveTick, LastRecvTick and LastSendTick.
Yes, I'm using it in my FTP class, but Start/StopTimer seem easier in my case

SZ wrote:
>I think Arno and Francois is right about not making a TTimer per Thttpcli as
>default. It would overwhelm our reverse proxy with 10k connections each with
>two sockets. However for simple needs, Anton is right about asking for a
>solution which I think sould only be switched on by a define.
The timer could be created only by special call, like it's done for Counters... 
also there are no such necessary in timers in server components, they are 
content with a single one to trace inactive connections. And I doubt that 
anybody will have so much client sockets that he'll run out of Windows 

Arno Garrels wrote
>Please guys, take a look at this fix for V7 and test it, anything wrong
>with it?
It works, but I think Abort isn'tt a very good way to tell that there was 
timeout... and 404 even stranger. 404 means that file not exist (constant 
error), "Connection aborted on request" means that user or control proc decided 
to break the waiting, and timeout means that there's no answer from server and 
we should wait and retry later.

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