Anton Sviridov wrote:
>> Any alternates
>> ( It's not a
>> constant error AFAIK. IMO 408 was more confusing. 
> Yeah, that's why transport level stuff should be done in transport
> (socket) classes :) We would have OnConnect(Request)Timeout or
> something like and no mess with statuses...

Connect-timeouts are not the only possible ones. If you need
different timeout values for different states it has to be
implemented using a timer. We need to keep the message pump
as fast as possible.  
>> OK, what about this one?
> That's pretty better, although OnRequestDone is never called and
> hence FRequestDoneError isn't used. Maybe make it readable property? 

Actually it _is called on StateChange(httpReady).

GET Failed !
StatusCode   = 404
ReasonPhrase = Request aborted on timeout
RequestDone Error = 8. Status = 404

Arno Garrels
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