I think Arno and Francois is right about not making a TTimer per Thttpcli as
default. It would overwhelm our reverse proxy with 10k connections each with
two sockets. However for simple needs, Anton is right about asking for a
solution which I think sould only be switched on by a define.

Just my two cents,

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 8:01 PM, Arno Garrels <arno.garr...@gmx.de> wrote:

> Anton Sviridov wrote:
> >> If you build a console mode application, you have to create one
> >> yourself. See various console mode ICS d?mos. Simple...
> > Yes, I created TIcsTimer with HttpCli.CtrlSocket as Owner and
> > implemented Start/StopTimer methods. Seems working, although I don't
> > see yet how can I control the main function flow from OnTimer
> > procedure (i.e., how to tell CtrlSocket that is's timeout).
> TWSocketCounter has been added to TWSocket in V7 with properties
> ConnectTick, ConnectDT, LastAliveTick, LastRecvTick and LastSendTick.
> That makes it very easy to implement a custom timeout.
> Have a look at current THttpServer for an example.
> >
> >> This is underway. but designing a general purpose timeout is not so
> >> simple because you potentially have thousands of components (server
> >> side). You can't create a TTimer for each one or you'll run out
> >> Windows resources very quickly (bad scalability).
> > No problem, you could implement only one timer in the very root of
> > socket (as you did with socket's window handle, AFAIR).
> If you have a better idea than TIcsThreadTimer, demo in the MiscDemos
> folder, please let us know.
> --
> Arno Garrels
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