On Sep 05, 2010, at 15:06, Jon Robertson wrote:

> If ICS works in D2010, why can't the same source be recompiled in
> Delphi XE without change?  Why must component vendors insist on
> forcing source code changes (even if just the .inc file) for every
> version, when there is very likely nothing in the new version of
> Delphi that will break the components?

It can never be known in advance what new features will be added or which old 
features may be deprecated by a new version of a compiler; and whether any of 
it will break existing code or not.

ICS, like many other components, is tested thoroughly with all known versions 
of Delphi to ensure compatibility across all supported versions.  Since a new 
compiler is an absolute unknown factor, it cannot be assumed to be supported by 

If it happens that a new version of Delphi does not break any old code and does 
not require any changes to the code base, then that is a very good thing.  But 
to ascertain this fact, the code still needs to be tested thoroughly before 
adding the new compiler to the list of supported ones.

> Whether I wait on the component vendor to update the source, or I
> update it myself, that's still wasted time.

What you are missing is that the component vendor does not just "update the 
source," but performs all sorts of testing to ensure compatibility.  When ICS 
claims that it supports Delphi version "X", you can be sure that it was 
thoroughly tested in that version.  This is important and necessary testing 
that you do not have to do.  Surely this type of support is not a waste.

To do what you request would be irresponsible, since it would give a false 
sense of security to those using ICS on production systems, whom are 
contemplating upgrading their compilers.  What if the next version is the one 
that breaks existing code? It is impossible to tell.


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