> But then again, you must know what you are talking about...

Wow.  I'm surprised by the hostility.

Based on your JVCL experience, are you aware of anything that should
be reviewed in ICS for XE support?

Isn't JVCL is a little more dependent on the core VCL components than
ICS is?  For the most part, ICS is implementing a completely new set
of components, rather than extending existing components.  My
suggestion isn't appropriate for all component libraries.  But, in my
opinion, it is very appropriate for ICS.

As an example, here is my modified OverbyteIcsDefs.inc.  I'm not
proposing anyone else should use this file, I'm just providing it as
an example.  For ICS v7, I only care about Delphi 2009 and up.  I
don't have the need or the ability to test ICS against earlier
versions.  Other comments:

I removed support for detecting specific COMPILER, DELPHI, and BCB for
versions below Delphi 6.  Since ICS v7 can't be compiled with any
version below Delphi 7.  (My D6 detection is there since I'm using
CompilerVersion.  But it could go away as well.)

I'm still supporting _UP constants, by saying that if CompilerVersion
>= 14.0, then _UP constants are defined for versions 1 - 6.

By making these changes, but without detecting Delphi XE in any way,
ICS compiles in Delphi XE.  (Ship it!)

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