Please, please stop assuming that I'm trying to achieve some kind of
magical "hey, it works!" trick out of a magician's hat.

I already replied to DZ-Jay's concern about "automatically supporting
new versions".  Just as there is a lowest version check, there can be
a highest version check too.

If there are reasons that the VER defines are a better solution than
CompilerVersion, then please share them.  I'd love to know what they

But my suggestion has absolutely *nothing* to do with enabling ICS
users to magically be able able to use ICS with future versions of
Delphi.  My suggestion is only related to the amount of code added to
the include file to recognize a new version.

> It takes maybe 30 seconds to add a new version of Delphi to the include
> file,

and 53 lines.  The approach I suggested only requires 16 lines.  Is 53
lines of code more efficient than 16?  Am I missing something here?

> Arno Garrels needs to thanked for all these changes.

Thank you Arno.  Seriously, thanks to the whole team.  I've been a
happy ICS user for 14 years.  My intent was to provide a suggestion
that could save time maintaining the include file in the future.  For
both the ICS team and for my own selfish needs.  ;)

> Many ICS users are using old releases, some ancient releases, and will
> lots of unexplained errors if they try to use them with Delphi 2009 and
> later.
> Delphi XE has turned out to be a straight forward update, but remember


You're preaching to the choir.  You're arguing with a brick wall.
Please stop now.

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