On 05/09/2010 23:22, Jon Robertson wrote:
But then again, you must know what you are talking about...
Wow.  I'm surprised by the hostility.
Sorry, bad day, you're the last one on the long list of weird remarks to day...

Based on your JVCL experience, are you aware of anything that should
be reviewed in ICS for XE support?
FormatSettings comes to mind
And my remark was more general, because as DZ-Jay indicated, you can't safely assume it will never break. Look at what happened when Delphi 2009 came out.
And trust me, this will happen again, in the future.

Isn't JVCL is a little more dependent on the core VCL components than
ICS is?  For the most part, ICS is implementing a completely new set
of components, rather than extending existing components.  My
suggestion isn't appropriate for all component libraries.  But, in my
opinion, it is very appropriate for ICS.
No it's not. Imagine 64 bit comes out. You then have to review everything...

By making these changes, but without detecting Delphi XE in any way,
ICS compiles in Delphi XE.  (Ship it!)
Yeah, that's the problem I have. Maybe it's humor for the "compile then ship" part, but I'm tired of crappy releases because of this behavior. That's why I prefer it does not silently compile so that I have to review how it behaves with a new compiler version.

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