Do you want an entry on the "user made" web page at ICS website ?
Well, if you don't wish to expand ICS, it will work too.

The problem is not that I don't want to expand ICS. The problem is to support ICS. There are a lot of interesting components that could be added to ICS. By moving it into "usermade" page, I'm not commited to support it. If included in ICS distribution, it has to be supported and kept up-to-date with current ICS and Delphi. A huge work actually.

I'll polish the source and create simple demo and send it to you.

OK, thanks. It will surely interest many peoples.
Could you also write the text to be published on the usermade page ? Have a look at the other text to get inspired :-)

The author of the freeware multi-tier middleware MidWare
The author of the freeware Internet Component Suite (ICS)

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