Anton S. wrote:
> Francois wrote:
>> The problem is not that I don't want to expand ICS. The problem is to
>> support ICS. There are a lot of interesting components that could be
>> added to ICS. By moving it into "usermade" page, I'm not commited to
>> support it. If included in ICS distribution, it has to be supported
>> and kept up-to-date with current ICS and Delphi. A huge work
>> actually. 
> Well, it's so simple that I guessed it wouldn't require any support
> or modifications. 
>> Could you also write the text to be published on the usermade page ?
>> Have a look at the other text to get inspired
> I've sent you all the required files, hope I did everything correctly.
> Arno wrote:
>> I wonder if a new "usermade" SVN repository wasn't a better place?
>> Most of the downloads from current ICS "usermade" page are obsolete.
> Well, if these usermades are obsolete SVN would change nothing.

I would not move existing usermade projects automatically only new 
ones and only if authors like it. Of course they should be familiar
with SVN. 

> And I personally am still not familiar with SVN, especially in
> committing a changes. Maybe others prefer old good archive
> down/uploading also :).  

Don't you use SVN locally for version control?
I can't live without it, it's so easy with TortoiseSVN, and you
do not have to run a SVN server in your LAN. A shared, file based 
repository is enough (two mouse clicks to create a new repository).   

Arno Garrels
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