Angus wrote:
>So the SNTP component is already testing with ICS for IPv6?  
>And with Delphi for Mac and Linux?
I'm afraid I hadn't got your point. Especially concerning "Delphi for Mac and 
Linux". There is still neither Delphi nor ICS for Mac/Linux (and porting ICS 
may be a greatly complicated task). IP6 isn't tested as wel as multicast 
because I haven't this technologies and servers nearby. But I'm not leaving my 
creation and will add features as soon as possible.

Arno wrote:
>Don't you use SVN locally for version control?
>I can't live without it, it's so easy with TortoiseSVN, and you
>do not have to run a SVN server in your LAN. A shared, file based 
>repository is enough (two mouse clicks to create a new repository).  
Well, for now a simple batch file which archives a project folder is still 
enough for me. I'm quite old-school at this, I know :)

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