Thanks for the response,

I am very pleased with all the help I have got here and I do love ICS components.
I wouldn't be trying do do anything with them would I?
If I wouldn't be happy with the components and with the help.

What I need here is some easy basic things not complecated ones.
I have been studying the components for about a week now and I already can do many things with them.

My questions still remains,
can I do what I need with ICS?

Yes I can do with Delphi's TCUSTOMSOCKET because I already have an appliccation which does many things in my LAN environment (it is server and client based as well).
I don't think it is as good as ICS and that is the reason why I would like to be able to understand and do things with ICS.

All I am trying to do with ICS right now is a simple demo for testing and to see how things are going to work and I believe that shouldn't take more than a week to achive.

I have been checking all the demos and trying to understand about how to send a "Command" to a specific client and I simply can't find it! There are too many projects where the things are handled differently in each of them and none sends commands to the server.

I have made this test procedure which works but only if there is just one client.
{This procedure sends the command to the clients and it works very nicely.}
procedure TSimpleSslServerForm.SendCommand;
 SslWSocketServer1.Client[0].SendStr(ledSendCommand.Text); /// The PROBLEM
here is: How do I send the command to a specific client if I have more than
one client?
 Display('Command sent: ' + ledSendCommand.Text);

A server who accepts the clients and tells me which clients are
online, can send once a while a simple command such as: "reboot" or
send a file such as: "setup.exe"
A client who accepts  the command: "reboot" from the server and
does the asked, receives the file "setup.exe" and does the asked.
The server will have maximum of 200 clients nothing more.

Sounds simple?
I can do this in 2 hours with "TCUSTOMSOCKET" of Delphi and protect
it with SSH tunnel.
Could you please answer,
can this be done with ICS or not?

If you think you can write and test the project in two hours with that
Delphi component, just go and do it.

A lot of people here are spending a lot of time trying to help you, for
free, whether you wish to listen to our advice or not is your choice.

All the code you need is in the samples, and protocols like FTP client
and server, you just need to spend some time looking at the code and
understanding it.

I did it, numerous other people have done it, you can do it, but not in
two hours.


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