Please do correct me if I am wrong.

You are saying that it is not possible to have only server port opened, I need to open port 443 in both sites.
Site A port 443 need to be open from PC and from the firewall.
Site B port 443 need to be open from PC and from firewall.

No, I didn't meant to say that.
I said: You can have a listing port 443 in Site A and/or in Side B as you like. As soon as you have a listening port on any side, then to be able to reach that port from the outside, you have to "open" the port in the firewall/router/whatever on the box which is on the physical link and also on the computer itself. This is not related to ICS but simply how TCP/IP networking works.

If this is correct than,
means there are no options to reverse the communication between the sockets and also means the client pc cannot be accessed in any ways.

A client PC can never been reached. This is exactly what make the difference between a client and a server. A server is the one accepting incomming connections. The client is the one initiating outgoing connections.

As far as firewall/routing is concerned, whatever the direction of a connection, the firewall/router must be configured to accept the connection. Usually all outgoing connections are open and all incomming connections are closed.

Means also,
I cannot run remote client windows Command prompt from the server.

Not correct.
The client can open the connection with the server. Then the server may send commands to the client, using the established connection, to instruct the client to run a command prompt (with appropriate I/O redirection so that input/output goes from/to the connection between client and server.

Means also,
I cannot use WMI to collect the client system info or modify the client system info.

Not correct.

I am just hoping that I am totally wrong!!

I think you have not figured the software layers in your head.
One thing is the link layer (the connection between client and server).
Another think is the application layer (commands/responses transported by the link, in both direction)

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