>Could you guide me to do the modification please ? and where ?
>it would be really nice from you.
Well, I'm not an expert in ICS and have little knowledge of HttpCli but here's 
dummy vision of the issue.
Search inside OverbyteIcsFtpCli.pas for "BUILTIN_THROTTLE" and copy-paste all 
the stuff dealing with properties BandwidthLimit & BandwidthSampling to 
corresponding methods of FtpCli based in OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas. Then find 
TCustomFtpCli.DataSocketGetInit and copypaste {$IFDEF 
BUILTIN_THROTTLE}...{$ENDIF} block into THttpCli.DoBeforeConnect (you'll also 
need to add httpoBandwidthControl to THttpCliOption type - it'll be replacement 
of ftpBandwidthControl option). And as long as I understand, you're done.

>Anton was not referring to the HTTP client, but the FTP client.  He was
>asking for some code to be simplified, but the code he posted is actually
>obsolete and no longer used by the FTP client.  

>It has been replaced by new common throttling code in TWSocket which is
>enabled by the BUILTIN_THROTTLE definition.  This was only added last
>year, so we tend to keep old code for a while until new code is
>thoroughly tested.  
Well, my report of repeating code pieces has little connection with the topic, 
moreover, I guess it's only Arno and/or Francois who might be interested in my 
report. But as we are talking about bandwidth stuff I decided to mention it 
inside this topic.
As long as obsoleteness is concerned, I have no info on future plans of this 
feature but the ICS "NOT BREAK EXISTING CODE" commandment hints that 
UseBandwidthControl would probably remain.

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