Anton S. wrote:
> 2Angus
>> The old bandwith control code is unused, indeed not compiled, so
>> removing it does not break existing applications.  But there is no
>> point in rewriting it which is what you were suggesting.
> I don't think so. has BUILTIN_TIMEOUT &
> BUILTIN_THROTTLE defines commented by default so "old code" is still
> in use. 

True, however simply build the FtpTst demo with "BUILTIN_THROTTLE" 
defined in the project options and see the new code in action.  

> Moreover, as these features require an additional thread
> there certainly could be some people who won't like an idea of
> turning their apps to multi-threaded ones.    

Any ICS application is multi-threaded, winsock creates at least
one additional thread with async sockets. However the additional
thread of the new throttle is not per instance, many throttled
TWSocket instances just use a single thread.

Arno Garrels
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