On 7/13/2011 12:13, Arno Garrels wrote:
Merijn Bosma wrote:
Now the interesting part is that on another Windows 7 machine the
call to closesocket() is not blocking. When looking with wireshark I
see that the 3 arp requests are sent, but closesocket() simply does
not wait for them.
I'm happy you see the same behaviour as I do.

I did a compare of winsock.dll and ws2_32.dll from both machines,
and they are identical.
Does anybody have a good idea how to search for the cause for
different behavior, or have an idea where it could originate from?
Could it be something related to the chipset?
I don't think it is a hardware issue. It is likely a software issue.
One of the layer between winsock and the network card has a bug. That
is why you see it on one computer and not another.

Determining which layer is faulty will be a difficult task ! I don't
know what to say to help you :-(
I agree that it's not a hardware issue. Do you know what layers are
there approximately? I've already ruled out the driver of the NIC
itself. I was mentioning the chipset since there is also software
applicable (driver of the chipset). Also strange is that I have more
machines of same brand and model, which do not show the same behavior.
It's a nice mystery :)
Indeed it is.
Are all systems fully patched? Latest services packs and hot fixes?
Yes, fully patched.
Meanwhile, the mainboard has been replaced, other board with different revisions of north and south bridge. I'm doing a full reinstall now. I don't expect much of it, it's just for completeness sake :\

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