On 7/13/2011 13:17, Francois PIETTE wrote:
I agree that it's not a hardware issue. Do you know what layers are there approximately? I've already ruled out the driver of the NIC itself. I was mentioning the chipset since there is also software applicable (driver of the chipset). Also strange is that I have more machines of same brand and model, which do not show the same behavior.
It's a nice mystery :)

Having a machine with same brand and model is a chance because you can compare both. Of course if they have different stories, it is likely they have not so comparable software installed.

There are a number of layers. The most probable culprit is a layer which "understand" the protocol. Probably the layers at packet level is not the cause otherwise there would be blocking for all protocols.

It is interesting to read "Windows® Internals" (http://fresh.amazon.com/product?asin=0735625301). The chapter 12 explain the networking. Figure 12.2 page 1005 is very intersting: "OSI Model and Windows Networking Components" http://book.51cto.com/art/200911/160900.htm. Text is at:

I suggest to anyone to buy this book. It is very very interesting to understand how Windows works !

I'll keep the list posted if I find more information myself.

Thanks a lot. This kind of information is very useful.

Thanks for the links, it's an interesting read. What still goes beyond me though, is that all I see in the diagram seems to be hardware independent stuff, so how could it ever happen that it behaves different on different machines?

Maybe I can do a more in depth comparison of the different libraries used in windows, not just winsock.dll and ws2_32.dll

Meanwhile I found out that even though the working machines are same brand and model, the casing differs. Not working is Small Form Factor, working is Mini Tower. I'm going to check with the manufacturer what the difference in hardware is between the two.

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