I don't think it is a hardware issue. It is likely a software issue. One of the layer between winsock and the network card has a bug. That is why you see it on one computer and not another.

Determining which layer is faulty will be a difficult task ! I don't know what to say to help you :-(

I agree that it's not a hardware issue. Do you know what layers are there approximately? I've already ruled out the driver of the NIC itself. I was mentioning the chipset since there is also software applicable (driver of the chipset). Also strange is that I have more machines of same brand and model, which do not show the same behavior.
It's a nice mystery :)

Having a machine with same brand and model is a chance because you can compare both. Of course if they have different stories, it is likely they have not so comparable software installed.

There are a number of layers. The most probable culprit is a layer which "understand" the protocol. Probably the layers at packet level is not the cause otherwise there would be blocking for all protocols.

It is interesting to read "Windows® Internals" (http://fresh.amazon.com/product?asin=0735625301). The chapter 12 explain the networking. Figure 12.2 page 1005 is very intersting: "OSI Model and Windows Networking Components" http://book.51cto.com/art/200911/160900.htm. Text is at:

I suggest to anyone to buy this book. It is very very interesting to understand how Windows works !

I'll keep the list posted if I find more information myself.

Thanks a lot. This kind of information is very useful.

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