> With software supplied with the device, from a Windows PC connected 
> to the same LAN as the TEMPerLAN, I can "send a command" to it. If 
> the command is BB 82, I get back a short string of ASCII with some 
> data from the device.

> device ipaddress:
> device netmask:
> device gateway:
> host ipaddress:
> connection type:tcp
> host port:16000 

The device is almost certainly configured as a TCP Server, listening
on port 16000.  So you need a TCP client to send commands to it and
interpret the response. 

The fastest way to test this is with a telnet terminal program,  such as
the OverbyteIcsTnDemo project.  Just connect to the device IP and port,
it should report connected, them send the command BB 82 (which might be
ASCII or hex and it should respond.  You can do the same youself using
the TWSocket component. 


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