> Not a WEB server, not a TELNET server, but still a 
> server, if only a simple one.
> HttpTst, and the program I derived from it, as I understand things, 
> sends a "proper" HTTP "Get" to the system of your choice. 

Your box is almost certainly both a web server (how you got and set
configuration information) and a telnet server.  Telnet simply means
lines of data to and from the server, and is the basis of HTTP, FTP, SMTP
and the rest.  Those protocols simply use a different port to 'telnet'
but the same textual interaction.  

Using HTTP components is totally wrong.  

If, using a telnet client, you don't get an open connection on port 5200,
there is a deeper problem.  

You may be easier using standard applications, like my ComCap tool which
uses ICS, it is designed for capturing data from devices such as yours,
often hundreds at the same time, and will send a command to wake them up,
as you need. 



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