One  thing  about SmartSniff (I use it for years), take care to use it
with  WinPCap  as it may miss ingoing or outgoing datas depending your
WinOS version.

Also if you can't connect to IP addr of the device then it may not use
TCP but UDP, this is quite usual with embedded devices.


TB> Ah ha! Thank you Angus and Piotr...

TB> Many "happy" tens of minutes spent "playing" with the excellent 
TB> suggestions.

TB> SmartSniffer.... Wonderful! Fascinating!

TB> Telnet... Ah yes, the "good old days"... I've burned hours with 
TB> Telnet before, given my limited grasp of what I'm doing. (Last time 
TB> it was with Dallas TINIs... faulty ones, at that!)

TB> I haven't tried Overbyte's Telnet... yet. Preferred to start with the 
TB> bog standard one, see how I got on with that.

TB> ====
TB> The rest of this rambles a bit... don't feel bad, Gentle Reader, if 
TB> you decide to peruse no further!

TB> Smartsniffer, if I've understood things aright, shows that the vendor-
TB> supplied software talks to the device over, port 5200

TB> Tried, under telnet,

TB> o 5200

TB> .... also....

TB> o 16000

TB> .... and various variations using the other IP addresses in the config 
TB> report. Telnet says "Connecting to" ... but just 
TB> sits there with that on the screen when I enter the first, and comes 
TB> back quickly with "Could not open connection..." with the second.

TB> SmartSniffer doesn't "see" any interaction between and 
TB> in either case.

TB> Suspending my anti-malware for a few minutes led to "interesting" 
TB> results in SmartSniffer!

TB> By the way... yes... I have approached the manufacturer, too! They're 
TB> "getting back to me".

TB> A clue?

TB> In the SmartSniffer report on the "conversation" being held between 
TB> the device and my XP PC, the local address and port are / 
TB> 1506

TB>  *IS* the address I'd expect for the PC running 
TB> SmartSniffer, and my Telnet attempts. Not sure if I need to do 
TB> anything about the 1506? Do I somehow have to tell Telnet to watch 
TB> for answers from ..241 to be directed to 1506? Is there a way? 

TB> By the way... I do try to remember to shut down the vendor-supplied 
TB> software when attempting a connection via Telnet.

TB> And thank you, all, for helping with a not-strictly-ICS matter... but 
TB> I will use ICS (with Delphi 7, or maybe Lazarus) to write MY software 
TB> for monitoring the TEMPerLAN... one day... I hope...  (^_^)

TB> Tom

TB> http://facebook.com/SheepdogSoftware  TK Boyd's site with
TB> freeware and shareware for kids, parents, schools... and others.
TB> You don't have to be a Facebook member to access the site.

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