Thank you, Dod...

I think someone else had told me to use WinPCap under my 
SmartSniff... but I had forgotten.

Sure enough, added WinPCap (I'm on an XP, SP3 machine), and now I see 
something that either wasn't there before, or I was overlooking it.

When I use the software supplied with my TEMPerLAN, I now see what I 
take to be the outbound transaction, the "Command BB 83" from my PC 
to the TEMPerLAN. More in a moment. I've always been able to see the 
part where the TEMPerLAN sends back the data.

I'm not sure how I am supposed to tell which way stuff is flowing 
when I look at the SmartSniff screen... other than knowing by common 
sense, when, as now, I know what's in the messages.

Is my guess at what is going on reasonable?

It seems that the software in my PC generates a "thing" that it sends 
to the TEMPerLAN, well, to whatever is at the IP address I've given 
it, which, as it happens, is where the TEMPerLAN it.

That "thing" then triggers the TEMPerLAN to do the same, but in 
reverse, and sending back to the IP address which came with the 
message from the PC.

(I'm pretty sure that the TEMPerLAN, for this, is not using UDP. I 
even have an idea that I know what UDP is, you'll be glad to know!)

A better statement, with proper terms, of what (may) be going on 
would be welcomed.

SmartSniff has two lines now, as I said.

The one that arises from the sending of Command BB 83 from PC to 
TEMPerLAN says...

Protocol TCP
Local addr: That of my PC (
Local port: 3058
Remote addr: That of the TEMPerLAN (
Remote port: 5200

The line from the messages back... differs just in the local port 

Protocol TCP
Local addr: That of my PC (
Local port: 3057
Remote addr: That of the TEMPerLAN (
Remote port: 5200

I can see the stuff I would expect when I look in the bottom pane of 
the SmartSniff... what a fantastic program!... window.

Is there any other info which could help you help me?

Thanks again!


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