Angus Robertson - Magenta Systems Ltd wrote:
> The connection will only stay open for HTTP/1.1, and presumably you want
> the 10 second timeout to only be effective at that point? 

Yes. I want clients using persistent connections (which is the default for
HTTP/1.1) to time out 10 seconds after their last request has been
successfully handled. If some request (GET/POST) is currently in progress, I
want to time out the connection only if no data packet has been transferred
in the last 5 minutes.

I do not want to time out persistent connections 5 minutes after their last
request has been completed because this would increase the used connection
handles a lot.

When looking at the code it seems I could use TCustomTimeoutWSocket
properties to get the I/O timeout of 5 minutes. What is missing is to
restrict the KeepAliveTimeSec-timer in THttpServer.HeartBeatOnTimer from
triggering when some data transfer is in progress.

My questions are:
- should I perform the changes locally in my own code or is it useful to
include them in upstream ICS?
- should I add a new connection state "hcIdle" for it or should I try to
detect the situation based on FDocSize, FDataSent, etc.?


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