> I run several ICS applications for up to a month at time on multiple PCs and 
> servers, often > only restarting for Windows Updates, and I've not seen any 
> handle or memory leaks.  

There are no memory leaks, and no other handle leaks, other than 
security-context tokens.

> There is a major handle leak in some releases of Microsoft ADO using 
> asynchronous calls to 
> access databases, fixed a couple of years ago, one of my applications ending 
> up using 500,000 
> handles. 

The sample applications I created only use the ICS components, there is no 
database access.

> Which specific ICS components are you using, and how many handles are leaked 
> per hour?  Or is 
> it per connection or something? 

The Client Sample creates an instance of the THttpCli component for each 
message sent to the Server Sample, which uses a single THttpServer component.

The handle usage growth doesn't happen per connection, it's more subtle.  If it 
did, it would probably be easier to find.  My colleague saw handles really 
begin to increase in the client sample after running this for about a day (at 
40 connections per second).  On my machine, I saw the handles grow in both 
samples within 10 minutes.

> It is very rare for us to review code, since ICS is so widely used, tested 
> and stable. We 
> simply don't have the time.

I understand. And I'm not asking you to 'debug my code'.  I've spent over a 
month trying to figure out what's going on, thinking it was my code somehow, 
which is why I created the sample applications.

Because my samples only use ICS components (to keep everything simple), I think 
my findings are potentially relevant to the ICS community.  What I'm doing may 
be exposing a rare problem that others have not run into.  Other than the 
handle leaks, ICS is very stable, which is why I want to continue using it. 


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> Where can I upload the source code for these two apps so you can 
> compile an run them?

Before we even think about review or testing your code, you need to answer some 
of the questions in my last reply, since you've yet to explain what components 
you are using. 

It is very rare for us to review code, since ICS is so widely used, tested and 
stable. We simply don't have the time. 


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