But there is an error condition that will arise if all the client ports are 
used (and to be tautologous) no more are available;
Setting the number of available dynamic ports to the minimum possible (255), so we can get into this scenario more quickly
    netsh int ipv4 set dynamicport tcp start=49152 num=255
and running the test, the client indeed starts to increase the number of handles, because of the increase of waiting connections, but the server handles remain the same. Isn't the initial problem occurring in the server? Also, I don't see the type of the problematic handle Doug refers in the open handles.

By the way. How to detect this scenario, of all ports in use, with the HTTPCli component? Does winsock gives any error? The sample client application just continues to add more connections and no apparent error is fired. The server also stops to respond.

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