First of all, happy new year to all ICS lovers ;-)

Well  I  think  I  said  victory  too  soon,  in  fact the socket stay
connected  but  no event is triggered by ICS, OnDataPush, OnDataPush2,
OnDocData,  OnDocBegin,  none  of  them triggers, sniffing the network
show data reception from websocket server.

The  stream  is  a  flow  of  JSON  stuctures  (each  block of JSON is
preceeded  by an 8 bytes binary block), there is no CRLF at all inside
JSON or between packs.

I  know  it's  difficult to answer that from an external point of view
but any idea why no event is triggered ?


>> I am attempting THttpCli adding specific HTTTP Headers to see it works

ARMSL> There are THttpCli events for sent and received headers, into which you 
can add your
ARMSL> extra Upgrade:, etc, headers, and check if they are received.  

ARMSL> This should be easy enough for testing, once there is a list of the 
ARMSL> headers used both ways, they could be added to the real component, but 
ideally we
ARMSL> need a server to test against. 

ARMSL> Not sure what happens after the upgrade handshake, presumably the 
traffic continues
ARMSL> on the same socket but bypassing the HTTP protocol.   That might be fun 
ARMSL> implement...

ARMSL> Angus


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