OK not a big deal now I know it's a bug and not a bad usage on my side, I can 
manage it.


>> I am in front of a strange behavior and would like to know if it is
>> because of a misuse or a bug (using ICS V8 WSocket)
R> Probably a bug in the unit OverbyteIcsWSocket?

R> function TCustomLineWSocket.TriggerDataAvailable(ErrCode : Word) : Boolean;
R> ...
R> else begin
R>              Move(PAnsiChar(FRcvdPtr)[I + Length(FLineEnd)], 
R> PAnsiChar(FRcvdPtr)[0],
R>                   FRcvdCnt - I - Length(FLineEnd));
R>              FRcvdCnt := FRcvdCnt - I - Length(FLineEnd);
R>          end;

R> This code is moving the not yet processed data to the beginning of the
R> buffer, so it can search for the next line in the remaining received 
R> data, after triggering the client OnDataAvailable (for the current found
R> line) where you change the FLineEnd, so, if the FLineEnd length changes,
R> it picks the wrong already processed data end.


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