Hi -

I am using the sample program OverbyteIcsSslWebServ sample program and I am 
experiencing a problem trying to "post" data to the web server. I am using the 
sample program unaltered.  I created the missing html file that performs the 
actual posting to the web server from the comments listed before the 
SslHttpServer1PostDocument procedure in the OverbyteIcsSslWebServ1.pas file.  I 
also created my own self signed SHA256 / 2048 Bit certs and that all works well.

When I fill in the first and last names and click the button to submit (post) 
the data, the program throws an exception ( Access violation at address 
004B34E8 in module OverbyteIcsSslWebServ.exe Write of address 00000026 ) and 
the debugger line breaks on Remote.FPostedDataBuffer[Remote.FDataLen] := #0; 
within the procedure TSslWebServForm.SslHttpServer1PostedData.

I have tried this on two different Windows 7 machines, Delphi 7, ICS version 
8.18 with the same results.

I am at a complete lost and any help in getting this sample to run would be 
greatly appreciated.

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