> GET seems fine though. You mentioned changing the buffer size, 
> where would you do that? 

I've not yet looked closely at the code, once SSL is done. 

> I tried changing 8k to 64k in OverbyteIcsHttpProt.pas here,
> but it made no difference:

But then you discovered the low speeds only happened on certain
platforms, not all platforms.  Which is exactly my point, modern
hardware and perhaps the OS, can effect performance dramatically, as
can the internet generally.  

I do daily speed tests at 5:30am downloading HTTP files from several of
my servers, and a few weeks ago the speed tripled without any changes
of client or server software or internet access, but some days the
speed is back to the original slower pace.  It could be windows updates,
my Sonicwall firewalls behaving strangely, or the broadband wholesaler
throttling my connection.  Sometimes this stuff can not be rationally


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