I've been using txt2tags for a little while and I am now trying to
convert some friends of mine to use it as well.

I have two questions:

(1) Is it possible / easy to filter a region of text with either some
external program or python function.
I would for example be interested to add line numbers to a code
(I thing I saw a discussion about that being planned for txt2tags-3, but
I cannot find it any more, so I may have invented it.)

(2) Is it possible to define a "tagged" raw environments, typically for
code samples.
(This might be related to the current thread about raw and ultraraw

int main () {

It is easy to have a preproc rule to replace '{{{C' by some target
dependent markup tag. (<source lang="C"> for example)

Now, I would like the enclosed text area to be raw text. Is it possible
to define some preproc rule which would replace



<source lang="C">

and actually see the raw mark?

I've tried the naive thing

%!preproc '{{{C' '"""\n<source lang="C">'

but this doesn't work.

I've tried more subtle things like

%!preproc: {{{ '{{{\n#!CodeExample\nXXX'
%!preproc: XXX '"""'

which doesn't work either.

I find the last example strange because with the above rule,

 raw text

is actually transformed into a raw area.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance,

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