> The easiest way for pretty printing code is to use a dedicated external 
> program and include the result. Like
> %!include(html): ''prettysource.html''
That's what I thought, and I am not a huge fan of it...


could be a useful addition, where "function" is a python function
defined somewhere in the preamble...

> With the tagged mark you will replace {{{C by
> ''<source lang="C">''
> """
Actually, I first had the """ before the <source ...> line, but it
didn't work either.
I thought it might have been because txt2tags didn't reinterpret the
filtered line...

I find this quite confusing. What exactly is the semantics of a preproc
It seems it is not
  - sed like magic on the original document (preproc),
  - tags converting (txt2tags),
  - sed like magic on the resulting document (postproc).

> Note that if you have only C code in your document, you could also use 
> the verbatim block
> and postproc the <PRE> tags as <source lang="C"> tag.
Well, I would need at least 2: "real Caml code" and "pseudo Caml code".
The former will probably be extracted to be automatically checked...

Right now, I use


which works well...

> Or more efficiently, you will mix the two solution above to replace
> {{{C by
> ''<source lang="C">''
> ```
> and remove any <PRE> tag.
But how do you do that?


%!preproc(html): '{{{C' '```\nBEGINSOURCE'
%!preproc(html): '}}}' 'ENDSOURCE\n```'


%!preproc(html): '{{{C' 'BEGINSOURCE\n```'
%!preproc(html): '}}}' '```\nENDSOURCE'

seem to work.

Could it be that the string resulting from a proc rule isn't split? That
could explain why txt2tags doesn't see the starting / ending ``` or """
line 4746 in the svn version. That might be it, I haven't looked at the rest...

(A possibly simpler solution might be using a different regexp for """
and such to allow them appearing in the middle of a line as long as they
have a "\n" before and some "\s*\n" after...)

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that
won't work.
    --Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)

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