I was trying to apply what I have suggested and I think you have hit a 
serious bug in the current internal processing.

On 13/02/2010 01:54, P.H. wrote:

> I find this quite confusing. What exactly is the semantics of a preproc
> filter?
> It seems it is not
>    - sed like magic on the original document (preproc),
>    - tags converting (txt2tags),
>    - sed like magic on the resulting document (postproc).
Yes this is it, but applied line by line.

> Could it be that the string resulting from a proc rule isn't split? That
> could explain why txt2tags doesn't see the starting / ending ``` or """
> marks.
> ZZZ...
> line 4746 in the svn version. That might be it, I haven't looked at the 
> rest...
Definitely there is a problem here. If a preproc is inserting a '\n' 
then it is not handled as a newline but as a '\n' inside a string. 
Therefore ^ and $ will not have the expected semantics (begin/end of 

I have filled a report on the tracker:

Please feel free to add and comment on it,

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