On 03/03/2010 10:11, P.H. wrote:

So it didn't solve all the problems.
> In the end, I am not sure this is a smaller patch that the initial one;
> and I feel that trying to do some matching on multilines for some (and
> not all) tags will be a nightmare.
> Much better to split the lines when they are introduced by filters...
You are probably right. Moreover, introducing re.MULTILINE might have 
some side
effects like enabling multi-lines scope in some circonstances and not in 
Eventhough txt2tags is not expected to have multi-line scope, it could 
reveal confusing. So let's keep the patch you proposed.

>>   >  38 tests from the test suite fail, but this is exactly like the
>>   >  official svn version of txt2tags.  I haven't looked more into it...
>> You were lucky, I got quite the reverse
>> Totals: 160 tests (38 ok / 122 failed)
> Strange, I do get 122 OK and 38 failed...
Oh Oh. How is the test suite working when there are multiple versions?
Seems I didn't have testing for the right one...


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