So advertising doesn't work.
That's a new twist.
I don't share your belief that people will by nature gravitate towards 
unadvertised web space

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Collaboration happens when two or more people have the same itch to
cratch.  Someone thinks to himself "I've got to pass PICK data in
SON" and starts looking for projects that do that.  It does not
appen the other way around, where you might stumble upon a project
nd say to yourself, "hmm, a PICK to JSON project -- I think I'll
ollaborate on that."  The PickWiki to MediaWiki project, my u2pipe
tuff, and a bunch of others have been mentioned in this list plenty
f times for people with an "itch" to take notice.  Advertising a
roject does not drive thoughtful collaboration; having a genuine itch
hat demands scratching does.
This goes back to my earlier point that if you want a bunch of people
ctively collaborating on a project, it has to be big -- big enough to
cratch a bunch of itches.
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