O ye of little faith! ;-)  It exists, but for me is besides the point.  A wiki 
is *not* a great method to collaborate on the actual code. It's obviously 
possible, but there are much better ways (cough, github).

To move this from the abstract to concrete, what kind of "code" do people 
imagine collaborating on?  Here's my list (most of which I have, but very hard 
coded for my environment):

Developer tools:
        Pre-processor (so we can all build on our different versions)
        Code bundling and dependency tracking (ala ruby-gems)
        REPL or command stack with things like filename, attribute completion

Screen design tools
        Standard headers/footers
        Nice input routine

Reporting tools
        Report builders

Data tools
        Extract to XLS, XML, Json
        Web Service interface
        Analyse/infer data dependencies

Generic utilities
        Standard email routine

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Never invite Tony to give a one minute speech !
Tony you told us how you ported Pickwiki to Mediwiki, without giving a link.
Give the link, right here, where five hundred people are listening.




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I originally wrote my notes for a prior post but noticed that both Ian and Rex 
weighed in here, so I will as well. 

Will, please reference my notes earlier.
1) I ported Pickwiki to MediaWiki, and provided a link to a prototype which I 
could complete if we saw some significant community interest.  Absolutely no 
one but Ian, Rex, and I have expressed any interest in commenting on that 
MediaWiki implementation.  This deafening message of silence is being heard 
here loud n clear.
2) A quick google for "mediawiki notifications" returns lots of hits, but I'll 
save you the pain and tell you that MediaWiki includes email notifications by 

So, while I'd love to say "hey, we already have what you want, c'mon down!" the 
problem remains that few other people would use the same resource.  As we've 
seen in this thread, there are links to SourceForge, Github, (both of which DO 
have email
notifications) and others, but everyone wants the community to use Their 
favorite or they'll walk away.  Anyone who doesn't have a favorite seems 
completely disinterested (OK OK Will, You are not disinterested...).

That's what I blogged about and a few people have responded in agreement.

I'd really really like to help build another collaboration site, and it can be 
done quite quickly.  But the questions of motivation and interest Must be 
addressed before we create yet another site that's doomed to die of loneliness.

Personally I'd also like to see people just use PickWiki for a while.  It's not 
perfect but it works.  Ask the questions and Ian, Rex, and I can help to answer 
them.  Email me if you don't know what else to do.
(t...@removethispleasenebula-rnd.com)  Let's grow out of that resource.  When 
that happens I'm sure more people would be inclined to take requests and build 
something suitable.  But we're never going to get something that's perfect for 
Any resource is going to be some percentage, 50, 70, 94.37% of what each person 
wants.  For this community I'm afraid we have a "if it doesn't do This then I 
won't use it at all mentality" - and in many cases "This" is already possible 
but people walk anyway without asking the question or waiting for an answer.  
Go figure.

As an example of that, Will, google for "web page change notifications", select 
one of the free services, and provide your email address and a PickWiki webpage 
reference.  THERE is your notification!  And if we complete the PickWiki 
migration to MediaWiki it will be built-in.  Next question please!

As another example of how even a hugely popular CMS can still be

Point is - people in this community needs to accept that the code in the rest 
of the world is about as imperfect as the code they work on every day.  FOSS 
gives us the opportunity to help fix it.
If you don't want to fix a CMS, just accept what's available and ask others how 
best to deal with it as-is.  But for now everyone is talking about the 
environment but for all the years that MV BASIC FOSS has been around, we can 
probably count on a few hands how many post-publication contributions have ever 
been made to all projects combined.  THAT is a serious concern that should be 
discussed before finalizing Where these non-contributions are going to take 
place, and how notifications are going to be sent on pages that are never 

(BTW, this has become a CDPish discussion, completely outside the realm of U2 


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