> From: Wjhonson
> It exists.... So that's two people who mention 
> something without giving any link TO it. Makes you 
> wonder why no one visits it!!

Will, I'm reminded why I don't get into forum discussions with
you - you don't read information that's provided.  In the name of
brevity here ("Never invite Tony to give a one minute speech !")
I had taken my forum posting and moved it out to my blog.  In
that blog I have a link to the wiki prototype. With apologies, I
didn't post the link here as I thought.  But if you had visited
the blog which I created specifically to respond to your points,
you would have found the MediaWiki prototype replacement for

> But beating on the same drum, does github have email 
> subscription notifications of pages you are watching 
> (but to which you have not contributed) ?  If not, 
> then it's the same old problem.  You have to go to it, 
> to even remember that it's there.

Response 1, I refer again to:
Response 2, see comment in my last note: Nothing is perfect. Join
millions of people who deal with that concept every day.
Response 3: (again) you can get notifications by other means.

> I disagree that people will not use a wiki to contribute code 
> changes.

Disagree, but here's the change log showing activity over the
last year:
Last month you yourself added a link to a page that doesn't
exist.  (Thank you for that valuable resource.)  Recent notes
from people here, and the log, confirm that almost no one ever
contributes updates to existing code at PickWiki.  There are
notes on the wiki about how to use the site, and people eager and
easily available to help.  The site is just not used for
collaboration though it's available for anyone who wants it.  No,
it's not great, but Ian didn't originally intend it to be a
collaboration site when he created it ... it just became a
defacto repository.  If we get significant demand for improving
the resource for real collaboration, a few of us here will be
eager to do it.


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