John's description of the two Apache method was spot on as was his
description of my rationale for coming up with it:

> I think Kevin's goals in this scenario above, were to keep it simple, and
> make it cross platform, while still getting good performance.

Having waited YEARS for a PHP connector into U2, I finally got tired of
waiting.  This notion that "the vendor" (and I mean ANY vendor, myself
included) is the commander of all solutions and we the community should
just wait patiently for whatever is handed down, well, that's as outdated
as most MV licensing models or party-based political systems.

Note that I'm making no claims about the two Apache method except that it
demonstrates we have the ability today to connect to U2, QM, and I suspect
(but have not proven) other MV databases.  It is hopefully a foundation
that we as a community can build upon and improve Multivalue's visibility
in the connected world.
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