We have had a PHP connector for 2 years that uses open source Java PHP
bridge software.  It took my Java program about 4 hours to add to our
U2WebLink middleware.

Although I applaud Kevin King for his work around for getting web access, I
cannot help worry about scaling.  So, you finally get this great PHP to
Unidata/Universe application working and your customer or boss wants more.
 You give him more and more until you break the model.

This reminds me of one my clients where I dragged them kicking and
screaming on the web about 9 years ago. They said they would only use a few
features and would rely on green screen for the rest.  Now, 30 clients rely
on the web to glean all of the information on a daily basis and 20 clerks
and managers produce 5,000 transactions per day and about 50,000 web hits a
day.  Good thing we thought about scaling.




On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 9:57 PM, Kevin King <precisonl...@gmail.com> wrote:

> John's description of the two Apache method was spot on as was his
> description of my rationale for coming up with it:
> > I think Kevin's goals in this scenario above, were to keep it simple, and
> > make it cross platform, while still getting good performance.
> Having waited YEARS for a PHP connector into U2, I finally got tired of
> waiting.  This notion that "the vendor" (and I mean ANY vendor, myself
> included) is the commander of all solutions and we the community should
> just wait patiently for whatever is handed down, well, that's as outdated
> as most MV licensing models or party-based political systems.
> Note that I'm making no claims about the two Apache method except that it
> demonstrates we have the ability today to connect to U2, QM, and I suspect
> (but have not proven) other MV databases.  It is hopefully a foundation
> that we as a community can build upon and improve Multivalue's visibility
> in the connected world.
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