The benefit of using any http server , iis, cassini, apache etc, is its
whole multiplexing functionality, which to do well is not trivial. Iis is
also very integrated into the OS, the whole http layer is in fact inside the
os, as opposed to being an application on top of the os. So it makes sense
in many ways.

And if you want to use .net (of which I am a big fan) and you don't have to
use linux then why use mono ? Contrary to what many people believe Visual
studio, .net, MS Sql are all free (as in beer) for development/small and
medium scale  deployment.

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For reference, it's a widespread myth that you need IIS to do web services
or other website integration with Windows.  That's simply not so.  IIS is an
application that provides many services including authentication, memory
management, process allocation, routing, logging, and many others.  If "all
I want is a pipe into my daatabase" then you can easily run a Windows
Service that's listening to a socket which will do whatever you want.  You
just won't get all of those other services.

Now, in response to not needing Windows Server, I try to avoid discussions
on religion.  ;)  Seriously, if you like like the ASP.NET model, just not
Windows or Microsoft, look into Mono
(FOSS) where you can run your code in Windows or Linux, just like Java.  Or
(slightly more practical) run a Windows 7 or XP guest in a virtual machine
over Linux.  It's just another application, about 400MB of overhead, and
shouldn't require much maintenance unless you're doing other things with it.
Of course these aren't solutions for the masses but for some sites these
solutions could be ideal in comparison with others.  YMMV


> From: John Thompson
> I do remember playing with this a few years ago, but, at the time I 
> wasn't "smart" enough to make it work. I did like the fact that it did 
> not need IIS, or Windows Server to work :)
> Rex Gozar wrote:
> > My u2pipe has been available on PickWiki since 2006.  
> > If can be used with PHP, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, raw sockets, etc.
> >

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